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There is very little known about Charles E. Boles early life. We have collected a lot of information, much of it conflicting, but what we offer is as factual as we can find. If someone has other documented information, we would be glad to update the information we have.

Charles E. Bowles was born in Norfolk County, England in 1829. At the age of two he migrated with his parents to Alexandria township, Jefferson County, in up-state New York (in 1831). The family homestead lay four miles north of Plessis Village, toward Alexandria Bay. At some point Charley, as he was usually called, changed his last name from Bowles to Boles for an unknown reason.


John Bowles
Born: 1788
Norfolk County, England
Died: September 25, 1872


Maria Leggett Bowles
Born: 1793
Great Yarmouth, England
Died: September 16, 1872

John Bowles and Maria Leggett were married June 24, 1807 in Yarmouth St Nicholas, Norfolk, England.

Children of John and Maria Bowles

Harriet Bowles
Born: 1812
Norfolk County, England
Died: Unkn

William Bowles
Born: 1815
Norfolk County, England
Died: Unkn

James Bowles
Born: 1818
Norfolk County, England
Died: 1894

John Bowles, Jr.
Born: 1819
Norfolk County, England
Died: 1899

Robert Bowles
Born: 1822
Norfolk County, England
Died: 1852

Lucy Bowles
Born: 1824
Norfolk County, England
Died: Unkn

Charles Bowles
Born: 1829
Norfolk County, England
Died: Unkn

Maria Bowles
Born: 1832
Jefferson County, New York
Died: Unkn

Hiram G. Bowles
Born: 1834
Jefferson County, New York
Died: 1898

Sometime before his marriage Charles changed his last name from Bowles to Boles.
Charles Boles and Mary Elizabeth Johnson were married in 1854 in Plessis, Jefferson County, New York.


Mary Elizabeth Johnson Boles
Born: 1838
Jefferson County, New York,
Died: March 9, 1896
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Charles and Mary Boles Children

Ida Martha Boles
Born: April 26, 1857
New Oregon, Howard County, Iowa
Died: May 7, 1899 in
Salt Lake City, Utah
Married: John L. Warren
One Child: Name Unknown

Eva Ardella Boles
Born: May 17, 1859
Jefferson County, New York
Died: July, 1922
Married: Oscar James
Oscar James died 1891
Four Children:
Leona James Middleton
Albert James
Two others died in infancy.

Frances Lillian Boles
Born: Jun 6, 1861,
Decatur, Macon County, Illinois
Died: December 22, 1929 in Homestead, OK
Married: Vachel Simpson Dillingham on March 24, 1890 in Concordia, Kansas
son of Alfred Michael Dillingham and Margaret R Miller.

One child: Mary Margaret Dillingham, Born: January 7, 1893, Kansas, Died: Janurary 25, 1958. She married Fred Crosby Huston on August 5, 1914 in Homestead, Oklahoma, son of John Huston and Ellen Hoover.

Children of
Mary Margaret Dillingham and
Fred Crosby Huston are:

  • Vachel Ray Huston, Born: June 3, 1915, Major County, OK, Died: April 8, 1972, Ochiltree Co., TX.
  • Ellen Lillian Huston, Born: September 11, 1916, Died: Befor 2005.
  • Edna Irene Huston, Born: February 6, 1918, Died: June 1, 2005.
  • Ruth Viola Huston, (Slough) Born: June 21, 1919, Died: March 20, 2002, Tahoka, Lynn Co. TX.
  • John Russell Huston, Born: March 1, 1921, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., TX, Died: 29 June 1965, Ochiltree Co., TX.
  • Leona Marie Huston, Born: November, 1927, Perryton, Ochiltree Co, TX, Died: August 1928, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., TX.
  • Fred "Mickey" Crosby Huston, Jr.

Arian Boles
Born: 1865-66(?)
Howard County, Iowa
Died: 1871-72(?)
New Oregon, Howard County, Iowa

From the time Charles Boles left the family farm to go gold mining in Montana until his capture in 1883 there is no evidence that he had an affair with another woman or started another family. There was a rumored romance between Charles and another woman in San Francisco but we could not find any credible proof that a romance existed. There is no evidence that he started another family or had any children while using the name Charles Bolton. When Charles was released from prison he was 59 years old and in fair health. He did not return to his wife and it is gennerally accepted that he did not want to start another family.

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